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Inside Out!

Coming Spring 2021

Gain insights on why you CAN
create your best body ever.
The truth is, you always COULD...
only now you'll know WHY & HOW!


From Possible to Probable to DONE!
B.O.D.S: $120
Daily Recordings
  • 30 days of inspirational, trans-formative audio sessions! (15-20 minutes each)

  • These sessions are uploaded daily, every day for 30 days.

  • You can access the sessions through the website and listen on the computer, the phone, or any device of your choosing.

  • Follow each daily directive that will focus and align you with your chosen intentions for this journey.

  • Each day will expand on the previous day’s work.

  • Interactive Blog

  • Daily insights will be published by James Mellon

  • Interaction with your fellow BODS participants will be ongoing and enlightening.

  • On the blog you will find the recording for you to easily access and revisit as many times as you like.


“Only take this class if you are ready to TRANSFORM!”


-Diana Blaisdale

“If you’re looking for motivation or spiritual fire in your life I highly recommend this class.”


-Dr. Nancy Willinger

“BODS helped me learn that my body, my soul and my mind are really One thing.”​

-Nancy Jo Perdue

“An AMAZING 'daily' dose of self care!”


-Manuel DeLeon

“In his new BODS program, James Mellon became my personal brain-trainer.  I will follow this program as long as it is offered.  It is that life-changing.”

-Barbara Shane

“Every day of BODS I was filled with courage and purpose.  AND…by the time the program was over I was at a weight that I hadn’t been able to reach in almost 30 years!”

-Judy Starger

"For the first time in over 20 years, B.O.D.S. broke my old yo-yo patterns.  I lost the weight and kept it off!"

 - Anonymous

“I felt so loved during the whole BODS journey.  It was a great experience.  AND…I released 10lbs in those 30 days.  I haven’t had a weight loss like that, in such a short time, in more than 20 years.  AND…it was effortless.”

-Juana Samoyoa

“I am a changed woman as a result of these past 30 days!  BODS had definitely taken hold.  Not only is my body a completely different body but I feel like a completely different human being.”

-Sarah Buress

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