New Course begins Monday, February 1st

16 Weeks of Spiritual Boot Camp

Join Dr. James for a sixteen week journey to the depths of your belief system! Are you ready to embody success, prosperity, perfect health, and happiness?

Let Dr. James Mellon be your personal trainer as you embark on the greatest workout you will ever experience… a mental workout!

Monday, February 1st... BEGIN THE TRANSFORMATION!

Online Only

Join Dr. James Monday and Thursday Mornings from 7:30-8:30am via a Private Zoom classroom and can be taken live or at an time following the broadcast.


Mental Muscle works like this…

Meet with Dr. James and your workout partners one hour each Tuesday and Friday. Dr. James will coach you through the directives on Tuesdays, with a follow up each Friday!


TOTAL COST: $400 in full or $105 monthly for 4 months

“The journey is enlightening, revealing, liberating, empowering and inspiring.”


-Janet Fontaine

“Mental Muscle pushed me into the recesses of my mind where I had buried my truth, my passion and my purpose”


-Stephanie Lodge

“Mental Muscle  is the halogen headlight that lights up the direction you're heading”


-Mark Wyrick

“I developed great insight into myself and learned to hone in on what was truly important in this life.”


-Andre Barron

“Mental Muscle has personally transformed my life.”


-Joe Hooper

"I became aware of habitual patterns of thought and behavior and created lasting change in my life.”


-Bob Morrisey

"In committing myself to Mental Muscle, I now actually do the things I say I'm going to do.  I deserve my best."

- Laurie Gelman

"Mental Muscle made me realize that it's always about me.  I was always looking outside of myself for someone else to create my experience.  Not any more!"

 - Randy Fuhrman

"I came into Mental Muscle as one person and by the end of the process it was a whole different story."

 - Tamara Clinkenbeard

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