January 2-31, 2018

Uncover Your


and Get Serious

about your B.S.

(Belief System)

What if I knew I was successful...
                  ...and that's all I knew?
What if I knew I was rich...
                  ...and that's all I knew?
What if I knew I was incredibly talented...
                  ...and that's all I knew?
What if I knew my body was vibrant perfect health...
                  ...and that's all I knew?
What if I knew I deserved to be happy...
                  ...and that's all I knew?
This is what you are here to KNOW!
MENTAL MUSCLE X-TREME is a 30 day interactive, no-nonsense audio boot camp for your mind. 
Each day you will:
  • participate in call-in seminars
  • hear the message for the day
  • receive daily intentions and directives
  • share your journey with an online community
  • get in shape mentally
  • pull the weeds out of the garden of your mind.

“The journey is enlightening, revealing, liberating, empowering and inspiring.”


-Janet Fontaine

“Mental Muscle pushed me into the recesses of my mind where I had buried my truth, my passion and my purpose”


-Stephanie Lodge

“Mental Muscle Xtreme is the halogen headlight that lights up the direction you're heading”


-Mark Wyrick

“I developed great insight into myself and learned to hone in on what was truly important in this life.”


-Andre Barron

“Mental Muscle has personally transformed my life.”


-Joe Hooper

"I became aware of habitual patterns of thought and behavior and created lasting change in my life.”


-Bob Morrisey

"In committing myself to Mental Muscle, I now actually do the things I say I'm going to do.  I deserve my best."

- Laurie Gelman

"Mental Muscle made me realize that it's always about me.  I was always looking outside of myself for someone else to create my experience.  Not any more!"

 - Randy Furhrman

"I came into Mental Muscle as one person and by the end of the process it was a whole different story."

 - Tamara Clinkenbeard

12725 Ventura Blvd., Suite J

Studio City, CA 91604

Tel: 818-508-7171

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