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CPR Day 6

"Man is made by his belief. As he believes, so he is." Johan Wolfgang Von Goethe

Knowing what you believe is important.

Knowing that you are the BELIEVER is even MORE important.

Were you able to render your belief powerless?

Could you argue it from both sides, and if so, did you understand just how powerFULL you are?

Again...you are the BELIEVER...not the belief.


If you want permanent results...don't put in part-time effort!

Put your FULL ATTENTION to the way your Mind works.

"God is the Source of my supply!" How does that feel to you?

Something to think about...to BELIEVE about!


Choose a belief and create an affirmation to support the healthy part of the belief.

Use that affirmation all day.

Root it to a belief that supports it.

Take charge of your mind and what you put into It.

Have at It...all day and all night long.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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