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CPR Day 5

What is your NORMAL?

Are you stuck in an old idea of what you consider "Normal?"

What do you need to think to create a "New Normal?"

What if NORMAL was gobs of money, opulence and extravagance?

Does that seem too "out there?"

It's not!

Your mind will create whatever "Normal" you decide to accept.

You can have it any way you choose...but you must choose!

At every moment...you are at CHOICE!

So...what's it gonna be?


Focus on one of your Core Beliefs that you KNOW doesn't work for you.

Make it something you absolutely know.

Now...argue for it's correctness.

Then...argue against it.

Give each side equal time.

At the end of the day, see what it felt like in both scenarios.

And let me know on the blog...what this exercise was all about for you.

I look forward to reading how this went.

Until tomorrow...


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