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CPR Day 18

"Are you dancing to your Authentic Rhythm or in reaction to the STUFF in your life?"

Are you CHOREOGRAPHING your own dance or are you letting the STUFF choreograph it for you?

What RHYTHMS did you find in your world yesterday?


You are at choice as to what you decide to OWN!


It is up to YOU to take OWNERSHIP of your life...and the choices you make.

"Our only purpose in life is to ENJOY IT!" Thomas Troward

I EXPECT TO ENJOY MY LIFE! Global Expectation

"I dive into the sea of JOY that is my essence."

Are you ready to take OWNERSHIP of Joy?

Are you ready to OWN your expectations?

Are you ready to be in the RHYTHM of OWNERSHIP?

Today's the day to find out.

En-Joy today's journey.


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