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CPR Day 28

What ROLES do you play in life?

What have you BELIEVED about yourself that sets you up to play THAT role?

Who cast you in this role?

Just because the Universe calls ACTION...doesn't mean you have to play along.

Question: Why don't we stay AWAKE to what we know?

You have a right to EXPERIENCE who you really are!


It follows YOU TRUTH!

So...what IS your TRUTH?

AND...where are your LIES?


Let's pay attention to our EXPERIENCES and see where we are EQUAL to them.

Let's really take to heart the idea that a person with TRAINED THOUGHT is a Power House!

Let's train our minds to see what there is to see, to STAY AWAKE and to do something about whatever we find...that we don't like.

Have at It everyone!

Remember: Only THREE days left! Make 'em count!


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