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CPR Day 29

You are the ANNOUNCER!

Time to ANNOUNCE the life you want to live!

A "Trained" mind gets to announce whatever LIFE it chooses to announce.

Start paying attention to the ROLES you tend to play.

Be the DIRECTOR of your life and if you don't like the ACTOR...FIRE HIM or HER!

Fire that part of you that is messing up the brilliant LIFE that is yours to live.

"I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be." Albert Einstein

Give up the roles that are Truly holding you back.


How is your relationship to MONEY?

"What you think about money is what money thinks about you."

What ROLE to you play when it comes to money?

Are you available for your GOOD?


Pay attention to the roles you play and ask yourself:

1. Does this role serve the real me?

2. Does this role make me happy?

3. Do I want to play a different role?

4. In the Play of Life...Who Am I?

There you go...have at it!


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