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CPR Day 2

LOVED reading your blogs today.

Cleary everyone is COMMITED!

Now...let's get to work. Let's pay ATTENTION to what we're thinking.

Let's put INTENTION to work for us and INTEND to live from a much higher level of consciousness.

How do I INTEND to use my mind today?

What are my expectations for this next 30-days?

What am I DECIDING to place my ATTENTION on, the facts or the Truth?

NO COMPLAINING leads us to seeing things with open eyes and clear hearts.

Today Start digging for the "reasons" your life is the way it is.

Before you go to bed tonight...find at least ONE core belief and decide where it places in your life.

Also: Make sure you tell someone each day how much they mean to you.

Remember: Gratitude is a "Prosperity Magnet!"

"My Life Is Unfolding Perfectly!"

And so It is!


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